Our story

Who we are:

    A small business located in Frankfurt, Germany, supporting 360+ jewelries artisans all over the world.

    What we sell:

      We sell products that resemble Zen in some way or form.They are represent the beauty of living in one's most authentic present moment, in peace and clarity. We understand that each instance of one’s life is a peak experience and you should allow yourself to explore and truly experience your moments whether they may bring happiness, sadness, or hardship.  We hope that our merchandise will serve as a constant reminder for you to reflect on your experiences and find those moments of clarity and peace within yourself.

        Why we sell:

          There are times when we don't see our path in life. We only see the narrow path ahead but everything around us is dark and unclear. I knew where I needed to go and had to trust that I was making the best path for myself. I had to believe in my purpose in life. That purpose leads me to Mandalize It.

          Mandala represents the entire universe. The visualization of the mandala in the practitioner's mind heals the craving. It will immediately heal confusion in the mind of sentient beings, and eliminate all suspicions. The consciousness and the mandala are the same

          According to that spiritual meaning, we would like to turn everything around you into mandala. That's the purpose of Mandalize it, to help you focus your mind on creating positive energy and to find your inner peace and clarity. Through the bracelets, rings, and jewelries we sell, we would like to express our form of positivity to you. We wish you success in your journey to Zen and Universe

            How to contact us:

            Please send all feedback about our products to: info@mandalizeit.com