Buddha Zen Garden Incense Burner

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Add a relaxing and peaceful touch to your home with this splendidBuddha Zen Garden Incense Burner. It includes a black wood base, a Buddha statue, a Buddhist pot, some small rocks, some sand. Enjoy the ancient tradition by cultivating your own zen garden and create endless patterns.


Did you know?

Zen gardens took root in Japan, where Zen Buddhism had a strong influence. Used as a mean of meditation, zen gardensclear the mind of all stress, pressure and mental turmoil. The physical components of the garden are simple. Sand represents the sea, stones represent the mountains and the wooden rake is used for tending the sacred garden.



Item Type: Incense Burner

Material:Wood, resin, sand

Size:  12 * 9cm

Tray size: A: 22*15 cm, B: 12.5*12.5cm

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