Earth Breathtaking Crystal Bracelet

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Bring emotional balance, self acceptance, and generosity into your life with ourEarth Breathtaking Crystal Bracelet. This beautiful energizing  bracelet is carefully made with high quality Chakra stones of mint greenJade healing crystals with aPyrite stone centerpiece. This is a lovely spiritual healing bracelet that will give you lots of clarity, joy, and positivity.

Jade is a symbol of serenity and purity. Itincreases love and nurturing. A protective stone, Jade keeps the wearer from harm and brings harmony. Jadeattracts good luck and friendship. Soothes the mind, releasing negative thoughts. Jade brings insightful dreams.  

Pyrite is an impressive stone for attracting one's desires. It has astrong attraction power that is a secret attracting force offering success, prosperity, and financial abundance. Pyrite is a crystal of good luck encouraging forward steps towards one's desires. It is as if this stone makes you and your dreams magnets for one another.


Item Type: Bracelets

Bracelets Type:Strand Bracelets

Material:Jade, Pyrite


Metals Type:Copper 

Clasp Type:Lace-up

Length:Around 18cm. Stretch band adjusts automatically to your size. 

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