Tibetan Bodhi Seed Bracelet With Bat Amulet Charm

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Bodhi Seed is the symbol of wisdom and especially revered by Buddhists, a bodhi seed is considered auspicious to use for all practices, and represents a spiritual promise, dedication, and faith. The term 'bodhi' is used by Buddhists to denote two distinct meanings: in a narrow sense, it denotes the ficus religiosa tree under which the last of the Buddhas, Siddhartha Gautama attained Enlightenment; in a broad sense, it denotes any tree under which a Buddha has attained Enlightenment.

Bat is one of the symbols for good luck in Buddhist traditions. It represents the Five Blessings: a long life, riches, health, love of virtue and a natural death. 

This bracelet have a special significance to all seekers of divine wisdom as it is under the bodhi tree that Buddha became enlightened. Each bead brings a sense of peace and wisdom on the path to one's own enlightenment


- Unique design
- Material: Bodhi Seed
- White copper: The color won't fade
- Adjustable Macrame Knot
- This bracelet is adjustable and can fit wrist sizes from 16cm to 22cm.

The bracelet opens by pulling the beads closest to the lock in opposite directions and closes by pulling the small bead in opposite directions.

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