Triple Goddess Pentacle Ring - Stainless Steel Ring

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The Triple Moon Symbol is a popular pagan and Wiccan symbol used to represent the Goddess. It shows different portions of the lunar cycle, with the moon in three phases – waxing, full and waning. First, there is a crescent moon that is in a growing/waxing phase. In the center comes a circle representing the full moon, and finally, there is a crescent denoting the diminishing/waning moon.

Spiritual and religious symbols contain meanings that delve into the deeper reality. The same goes for the Triple Moon Symbol, which is considered representative of all aspects of intuition or psychic insight; creative energy; and wisdom & mystery.

How to Measure Your Size:

To choose the correct size for you, measure your finger and check the size info below


- Size 7:2.141" / 54.4mm in Circumference
- Size 8:2.242" / 56.9mm in Circumference
- Size 9:2.342" / 59.5mm in Circumference
- Size 10: 2.443" / 62.1mm in Circumference
- Size 11:2.543" / 64.6mm in Circumference
- Size 12: 2.644" / 67.2mm in Circumference


- Gender: Unisex
- Metals Type: Stainless Steel
- Surface Width: 8mm
- Color: gold/silver/black
- Features: Its texture is very tough, and does not tarnish and oxidize.

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